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Choosing the Right Web Host

You've carefully chosen your web designer, swiftly managed to snatch your desired domain name before the cruel domain name pirates take it for good--your website is almost ready, but you have one more daunting task: to choose an appropriate web-host.

The task is less daunting if you bare in mind these few recommendations:

Web hosting

  • Choose a host that has been in the business for at least half a decade. This is for obvious reasons; stability is paramount when it comes to web hosting. The last thing you need is a webhost that is having trouble functioning. It will cost you time and money. Generally speaking, the longer the web host is in business the less you have to worry about basic stability issues. 
  • Be sure to contact your web designer and co-ordinate with them in choosing the host that has the right requirements for your website. Be sure that it suits your needs. Not all webhosts are created equal.  
  • Make sure it has adequate webspace and adequate bandwidth. Before you pop your geek fuse, let me explain; webspace refers to the amount of space your website occupies. Kind of like the size of a file. Your webspace includes images, websites, files, anything that you have to store on your web host. You need to make sure the webhost gives you enough webspace. We recommend at least 2GB of space, though this may vary according to the type of website you have. Be weary of  'unlimited' webspace/bandwidth, in truth nothing is 'unlimited' but at least with reputable hosts you can rest assured, for the most part, that whatever your storage needs, you should be covered. Bandwidth is how much web traffic your server is allotted, again we recommend adequate bandwidth, at least 50GB for most sites, but again it depends on what your site requirements are.
  • Check their reviews online. To be frank, it's all to rare to find a webhost that doesn't have negative reviews--the trick is to look for common grievances--particularly when the revieweres have given their reviews a lot of time and detail in voicing their concerns.
  • Lastly, it's a good idea to sign up for a trial of their services, and unless you are absolutely certain of them and their reputation, I recommend only paying for a month at a time, contract free--soo when cow dung hits the fan, you can safely switch hosts.

In our experience with various webhosts, we are throughly impressed with HostGator and recommend it to most of our customers. They have been in the webhosting business for over a decade, serve millions of customers, and keep their servers reliable and up to date.

Be sure to use our coupon on their site and get 25% OFF of your bill HOSTMAX25OFF  (I know..I know we're awesome) 

There are also a number of mainstream hosts that you may find decent to work with, but of course as with everything your mileage may vary:

These are some good UK hosts worth checking out:


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